Brasov (Romania) – Mumbai ( India)


As resullt of the experience achived  during the time Dacorom International succed to offer to their clients the best transport solutions.

At the beginning of 2008 two Indian companies contacted  Dacorom International regarding the transports from ex-company Tractorul Brasov to the Mumbai and Chennai Port of 6 industrial equipments with a total weight of 250 tones.

Dacorom International has accomplished  the necessary transport logistics for this project offering to the foreigner parteners the best transport conditions and competitives prices. As a result , a transport agreement has been signed between Indian companies and Dacorom International. In consequence, at the end of September 2008 Dacorom International positioned the trailers at Tractorul Brasov for loading the equipments, in order to arrange the first part of the transport:  road transport Brasov – Constanta Port.

During the loading at Tractorul Brasov, due to the big  weight of the equipments the arm of the most powerful crane broke. The crane, directly hired by the shipper of the cargo, has been immediately replaced with another better one, thanks to Dacorom International good connections also in this area and its express involvement.

Thus,  the 6 equipments were loaded without delay at Tractorul Brasov and brought in time in Constanta Port.

The equipments were  stored in good and safe conditions in Constanta , waiting for the 2nd part of the transport: maritime transport Constanta Port – Mumbai/Chennai Port.

At the arrived of thevessel in Constanta Port, a survey company  was hired by Dacorom International to supervise all the operations of loading and lashing the cargo onto vessel. The loading opetrations of the 6 heavy pieces on board of the vessel have been done using a 400 tons floating crane and took apprpximately 1 day, as they required a lot of  carefuness  and professionalism.

As a result of the entire action, the 6 equipments which have been dispached by road from Brasov, discharged from the trailers, stored and loaded anto vessel in Constanta Port and after that transported by sea, arrived in good conditions in Mumbai and Chennai Port at the end of November 2008.

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Once again Dacorom International prove their proficiency and their best transport solutions for any kind of cargo required by the client.