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Turkmenistan Garabogaz Fertilizer Project

Turkmenistan Garabogaz Fertilizer Project

The freight-forwarder DACOROM INTERNATIONAL has loaded on board of maritime pontoon KUWWAT (owner IBRAKON – flag Panama), between periods August 21-23, 2016, in the Constanta Port / UMEX terminal –Romania, using the berth 39 and berth RO-RO3, a huge industrial item called „CO2-Regenerator” with the weight of 366 mt and volume of 4,224 cbm .

This item has been shipped by Mitsubishi Corp Japan, from S.Korea/Masan to Romania/Constanta(transshipment port) and further from Constanta port to Turkmenistan, being part of the equipment and material for Turkmenistan Garabogaz Fertilizer Project.

The nude item has been installed on 7 removable steel saddle fixed by unit body by 2 wires with PP hose and rubber sheet between shell and saddle plate.

The item has been moved with 2 cranes of M/v...

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Project NIS Refinery –Pancevo ,Serbia



DACOROM had transported directly by road industrial equipment manufactured by HEURTEY PETROCHEM Buzau , Romania, destinated to NIS Refinery , Pancevo,Serbia .
Were transported in good conditions a number of 85 packages , both in gauge and oversized dimensions, width between 300- 466 cm and heights between 300 to 421 cm .

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Project UTC Overseas – Ashdod, Israel

Incarcare Constanta

Customer : UTC Overseas Hungary
Destinaton : Ashdod, Israel

DACOROM had established the transit logistic in Constanta port for cargo- industrial equipment manufactured by GENERAL ELECTRIC Hungary and Czech Republic , logistic which includes
specific activities :

  • nomination of proper berth in Constanta port , most suitable for nature of cargo
  • indirect transhipment of cargo, from barges/trucks to berth ; handling of heaviest package of abt 100 to effectuated by special heavy lift crane

cargo’s details:

  • 165 packages / 1195 to /5167 cbm
  • Main package dims: 7,40×4,30 x3,50 m / 98,5 to
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Project NEFTOCHIM Burgas, Bulgaria



DACOROM was nominated to effectuate direct road transport of industrial equipment manufactured by HEURTEY PETROCHEM Buzau, Romania upto LUKOIL NEFTOCHIM Refinery from Burgas, Bugaria .
Cargo’s details :

  • In gauge dimensional packages : 127 pcs / 729 to / 3558 cbm Transported by 47 complete trucks
  • oversized dimensional packages / heavy lift 13 packages, from which the biggest were
    1# 1300x376x333 cm / 112805 kgs
    2# 1350x376x455 cm / 90763 kgs

The loading at supplier location in Buzau was assured by the self loading low-bed trailer which assure loading at supplier location in Buzau without a crane as well as offloading on elephant legs at refinery in Burgas .
Due to oversized dimensions of both pieces ( height 455 cm/length 1350 cm /90 to and respective...

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Project DACO Worldwide Germany – indirect transshipment of 189 to piece / mill shell in Constanta port – destination Nizhnekamsk/Russia

descarcare pe cheu in portul Constanta

DACOROM was nominated to effectuate the indirect transshipment barge – quay – sea river vessel in Constanta port of one piece of almost 200 to weight
(dimensions/weight 1846 x 579 x 596 cm /189 to ).

The cargo / 1 x mill shell arrived in Constanta port transported by river barge S/V Andrey and was discharged on quay using 2xshore cranes Liebherr.

The mill shell was storage for abt 1 month in Constanta port than loaded on a sea river vessel with destination Nizhnekamsk /Russia.

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Multimodal transport road/maritime of industrial equipment ; route Buzau ,Romania , via Constanta port to Mostaganem, Algeria


We have been involved in the transport project HEURTEY Petrochem Buzau, Romania / PROSERNAT France of industrial equipment destined to Mostaganem ,Algeria .
DACOROM was nominated to effectuate :

  • the inland transport of 11 packages ( 9 packages + 2 SOC containers ) , with total weight of 98879 kgs /803 cbm from
    Buzau , Romania to Constanta port
  • indirect transshipment trailers- quay –sea vessel in Constanta port
  • Surveying through an independent survey company in Constanta port , both at discharging from barges/trailers and loading of the cargo on sea vessel

Considering the OOG nature of two of the packages ,with dimensions/weights :
skid absorption 1 : 1019 x 477 x 609 cm / 30 to
skid absorbtion 2: 1245 x 452 x 489 cm / 22 to
Were necessary specific additionally measures, as :

  1. Road surv...
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Multimodal transport road /maritime of industrial equipment

Project Buzau - Tuapse, Rusia

Multimodal transport road /maritime of industrial equipment ; route Buzau , Romania to Tuapse port / Russia

DACOROM participated at a multimodal transport road – maritime project of industrial equipment , on route Buzau factory – Constanta port – Tuapse port / Russia .
The road part of the transport was effectuated on route : supplier location HEURTEY Petrochem Buzau – Constanta South port.
In Constanta port , at Schenker Romtrans berth , was effectuated the indirect transshipment from trucks/ trailers – quay – sea vessel
and storage till sea vessels’ arrival .
At arrival of the two sea vessels , all packages were moved from storage area to the loading berth , assuring the inland terminal road transport .


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Brasov (Romania) – Mumbai ( India)


As resullt of the experience achived  during the time Dacorom International succed to offer to their clients the best transport solutions.

At the beginning of 2008 two Indian companies contacted  Dacorom International regarding the transports from ex-company Tractorul Brasov to the Mumbai and Chennai Port of 6 industrial equipments with a total weight of 250 tones.

Dacorom International has accomplished  the necessary transport logistics for this project offering to the foreigner parteners the best transport conditions and competitives prices. As a result , a transport agreement has been signed between Indian companies and Dacorom International...

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Rm. Valcea (Romania) – Pobla de Mafumet (Spania) Project

It was carried 6 tanks of various size out of which the biggest had 10.50 x 4.20 x 4.50 m / 45 tons.
These tanks have been carried as follows:

  • by road from Rm.Valcea to Constanta Port, using 6 adeqvate trailers;
  • indirect transhipment trailers – quay- vessel in Constanta Port/ Umex berth (including stored);
  • sea transport from Constanta Port to Tarragona Port (Spain)
  • indirect transhipment vessel – quay – trailers in port of Tarragona
  • road transport Tarragona Port La Pobla de Mafumet job site using 6 trailers

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