we support – The Romanian Society for Neurorehabilitation

The Romanian Society for Neurorehabilitation      The Romanian Society for Neurorehabilitation – ROSNERA was founded out of the objective necessity, for our country – now a member of the E.U. – to have an organization similar, to be affiliated, to the homologue international professional/ scientific association: World Federation for Neurorehabilitation (WFNR).

     Severe disability/ handicap can lead to disastrous consequences in all life aspects of a human being, altering the present existence, as well as his/her future; it is why the disabled persons/ patients need continuous and efficient solidarity and support from their – close but also farther – communities. Such people must be must be provided with appropriate information too and including thus, strongly encouraged and helped to take decisions by own selves, mostly adequate to their necessities, respectively – gradually and as much as medically possible – to (re)take on responsibilities and control over their own lives and wellbeing.

     The beginning of the third millennium of civilized Humanity’s existence, was marked by significant advances – but yet, not sufficient – concerning medical care of patients with disabilities, secondary to different (usually serious – especially the terrible, by their severity and often, unfortunately, still relatively poor prognostics – conditions of the nervous system, respectively of the ”neuro-myo-kinetic apparatus”, of communication and/or of cognitive kind), advances due to multidisciplinary approach of such pathology in special units, with implementation of smart individualized rehabilitation programs – intricate with neuroprotection and neuroplasticity promoting/optimizing up to date endeavors -, adapted to the particular neurological and functional status of the respective patients.

    Dacorom International Ltd. support National Conference of Neurosurgery and Neuroreabilitare, Mamaia  09-12 September 2009.